Real Leadership Is Power With People (Not Over Them)

Everything we accomplish happens not just because of our efforts but also through the efforts of others.  The biggest difference between people who manage others versus people who lead others is how they develop those under them.

As all leaders know, untitled or not, leadership is power with people, not power over people.

5 Smart Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

For better or worse, we are practically “married” to our phone these days.  It goes everywhere we go.  It has access to our most private conversations and key financial data.  It holds some of our most precious memories, in the form of pictures, sound recordings and video.

Last Chance To Save Up To $25,000 In Taxes On IT Software, Equipment And Service

While many tax incentives for small business have been shot down in recent years, Section 179 of the IRS tax code remains one legal “loophole” worth looking into.

This year (unless Congress changes it at the last minute, which they have done in the past) Section 179 allows you to purchase up to $200,000 of qualified equipment and software, and then write off up to $25,000 as a Section 179 deduction.

Windows 10: Should I Upgrade Now?

Most versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8 are eligible for Microsoft’s free upgrade offer.  Volume license versions of Windows, and some older versions are not eligible for the free upgrade.  If you want to take advantage of the free upgrade, you need to complete it by July 26, 2016.  So the question is, Should I upgrade to Windows 10?  And Should I upgrade now?

Based on our own experience with Windows 10, we believe that many users will appreciate some of the new features, most notably, the return of the Start Menu.

Your guide to smart BI planning

Your guide to smart BI planning

You have finally decided your small or medium-sized business is ready to utilize Business Intelligence (BI) software. This is a big step for your company and one that must be approached with diligence. If you are not careful the cost of BI software, not to mention training, could far outweigh the actual benefits you end up receiving.

What to consider before you buy a new PC

What to consider before you buy a new PC

With the holidays approaching, computers are likely to be among the season’s best-selling gifts. But there are so many different types of computers out there, each with varying specifications and capabilities – how do you find the best one for your needs? Whether you’re purchasing a computer for yourself, for your loved one, or for your friend at work, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you make the right decision.

Boring brands can succeed on social media

Boring brands can succeed on social media

For many business owners who have dabbled in social media, they may think their efforts have been in vain and growing a large social media presence is impossible. They may go as far to believe that social media simply doesn’t work, especially when you don’t have an exciting brand like Nike or Google.