Why you need to back up your mobile devices

Why you need to back up your mobile devices

There was a time when mobile phones were used exclusively for calling and texting. Now, they can do so much more. Regardless of your level of tolerance or skill for managing documents in such a small gadget, mobile devices allow you to send and receive email, download and upload media files, store data, and even close business deals.

Benefits of social media policy reviews

Benefits of social media policy reviews

Does your business have a social media policy? If so, when was the last time you updated it? If you’re taking too long to answer these questions, that isn’t a good sign. Because you should be conducting regular reviews, at least annually. You’d enjoy innumerable benefits, and deter your employees from obsessing over Snapchat filters in the process.

Cassette audio tapes (remember those?) are making a comeback

Compact disk sales are declining, yet vinyl records have enjoyed a resurgence over the past several years. And last year, cassette sales rose to 129,000 units, an increase of 74% over 2015. So what’s up with cassettes – why so popular all of a sudden? Actually, the numbers are still miniscule compared to the 105 million CDs sold in 2016.  Yet the bump in cassette sales reflects a growing appetite for tangible items that fans can cherish.

“DIY” data security kits can offer basic protection

Are you a do-it-yourselfer willing to take defending your company’s data into your own hands?  If so, you can find a variety of low to no -cost products that provide basic safeguards.  Koozali SME Server, for instance, bundles security and other server apps for small businesses.

Anti-malware programs can’t even touch this new kind of attack…

“Fileless” attacks became all the rage among hackers in 2016.  According to a report by cybersecurity firm Carbon Black, fourth quarter 2016 saw a 33% rise in these “non-malware” attacks compared to the first quarter.  Experts expect the trend to continue through 2017. Cyber bad-guys carry out these attacks in any number of ways.

The Misnomer Of Failure

So you think you’re a failure, huh?  Let me get one thing off my virtual chest right now: you’re not.  I realize you may be experiencing failure.  You may have had a string of failures.  You may have been told you are a failure.  But it doesn’t mean that’s who you are.