Imagine your team, smarter and faster in 2017

Unlike project collaboration platforms, Asana is an app that specializes in workflow management.  While it doesn’t give you Gantt charts and billing information, it’s one of the best tools you’ll find to keep track of the daily to-do’s of your business, while giving employees a more productive workspace than e-mails to track job progress.

Here’s an easy way to start 2017 with a clean e-mail in-box

Ever wonder how in the world you ended up on so many e-mail lists?  They just pile up until you can’t even keep up with unsubscribing from the new ones. lets you manage your subscriptions by unsubscribing and bundling the ones you want to keep into a single daily “rollup.

If you work at a standing desk, you’ll love this

Ergonomic experts agree that “your best position is your next position.”  In other words, your body is meant to move.  And constant motion reduces fatigue as well as back and joint pain. Enter the Wurf Board, an inflatable platform for working at a standing desk.

Smart Closing Technique, Step 1

It’s one thing to help a client identify a problem.  It’s another thing to help them solve it.  Yet a key part of client service is winning the privilege to help a client solve his or her biggest problems that are standing in the way of achieving their vision.

Three Must Do IT Resolutions For 2017

Three Must Do IT Resolutions For 2017

Never before in the history of humankind have people across the world been subjected to extortion on a massive scale as they are today.” That’s what The Evolution of Ransomware, a study by Symantec, a California-based cybersecurity firm reported recently.

Why consider disaster recovery for 2017

Why consider disaster recovery for 2017

The new year is well upon us, and with it comes an equally new IT budget. Judging by the advancements in computing technology, many 2017 business wish lists probably include powerful onsite servers, workstations, and the Internet of Things. But as tempting as these purchases may be, it’s important that you don’t dismiss an old yet essential IT resolution: disaster recovery.