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Migrate to Office 365 in no time

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based office productivity suite that offers familiar apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These apps are accessible 24/7 over the internet, on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, allowing you to work and collaborate with team members from any location. Office 365's pay-as-you-go structure means that you can add and remove users day by day, making budgeting simple and predictable.

Office 365 also provides other cloud-based applications such as:

  • OneDrive - 1TB of storage space per user
  • Exchange Online - email service for Office 365 users
  • SharePoint Online - document storage, sharing, and management tool
  • Skype - telecommunication app that allows phone calls, video chat, and instant messaging
  • Mobile Apps - mobile-friendly versions of Office 365 apps
  • Office Professional Plus - desktop versions of Office 365 apps

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Zanacore Technologies understands that moving all your files and apps to the cloud can take days or even weeks. Our technicians can do this for you in a fraction of the time, allowing you to enjoy all of Office 365’s great features as soon as possible. What’s more, we make sure our data migration processes never disrupt your business operations or reduce employee productivity.

Our comprehensive migration service covers everything from planning to setup. Leave the complex IT tasks to us while you focus on growing your business.

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Our Office 365 Readiness Assessment evaluates your entire IT infrastructure to inventory all your critical resources. We’ll then create a personalized plan based on our findings to ensure your cloud migration is quick and painless.

This service is free of charge and comes without any obligation, so sign up today to start your Office 365 cloud migration.

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Improve your business

Office 365 features have invaluable benefits

Data Accessibility

Access your data from any internet-enabled device anywhere, anytime

Team Collaboration

Create, edit, and share documents with your colleagues in real time

Security & Protection

Files will be protected with multi-level security systems

Scalable for Future Growth

Add or remove users as needed to meet growth demands

Why choose Office 365?

Here are eight reasons

1. Cost-efficient

Pay a fixed price every month to enjoy a plethora of Office apps

2. Multi-device

Your data and Office apps are available through any internet-connected device

3. Comprehensive

We offer productivity-boosting apps that improve communication and efficiency

4. Encrypted connections

Connect to the cloud without worrying about data breaches

5. Enjoy the latest apps

Get exclusive access to the newest features and updates

6. Automatic syncing

Changes to file are synced to the cloud and visible on other device in real time

7. Save money & office space

Forgo purchasing onsite servers when you store everything in the cloud

8. Secure files

Enterprise-grade security keeps your files safe from intruders and malware

Make your move to Office 365 today

Zanacore’s Readiness Assessment prepares you for a smooth migration

Our assessment analyzes your current network bandwidth, technical issues that may prevent migration, and more. Based on these, we’ll provide recommendations and devise a step-by-step migration plan you can immediately use. Get your personalized plan today and start migrating to enjoy Office 365.

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