Shiny New Gadget Of The Month:

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Put the future at your fingertips with our virtual laser keyboard.

This revolutionary little gadget uses state-of-the-art laser to project a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. It tracks your fingers like magic using advanced optics and connects via Bluetooth to any Apple or Android device – it can even connect to your laptop!

You touch, it types.

Have You Installed Microsoft Office On Your iPad Yet?

After years of rumors, Microsoft finally unveiled Office for iPad in late March. This is a huge addition to the iPad, as demonstrated by the more than 12 million downloads of the product in the first week it was released.

The iPad Just Got More Business-Friendly

One of the biggest business complaints about the iPad has been that it’s great as a personal device and for catching up on e-mail, but you really couldn’t do real work on it.

7 Ways To Keep Your Tablet Secure

1. Don’t leave it lying around

Although this is common sense, you’ve probably violated this rule more than once. Tablets are easy targets for thieves, so don’t let it out of your sight when in a public place – and don’t leave it in plain view in your car or you might end of up with a broken window in addition to a stolen tablet.

Client of the Month


MTI is a top ranked, full life-cycle workforce solutions provider specializing in IT, Accounting & Finance, and Call Center staffing solutions. MetaProcure, a division of MTI, is a procurement consulting firm, providing Source to Pay, Workforce Management and Tail Spend Solutions.

Is Cloud Computing A Good Fit For Your Company?

While there are a ton of benefits to cloud computing, it’s NOT right for every company. Some applications don’t play well in the cloud. You also need commercial-grade Internet connectivity, and some functions, like working with big graphics files, are better kept local or the slowness will make you crazy.