Getting Ahead of Windows End of Life

You’re prepared, at least mentally, to begin your migration to Windows 10 because you’ve read What Does Windows End of Life Mean to My Business? and Getting Ahead of Windows End of Life. Is your hardware ready, though? How you handle your IT (on your own, as needed support, or with a fully managed agreement) will change how you will have to deal with your transition.

Getting Ahead of Windows End of Life

You’ve all heard the panic. Windows is cutting off support for its widely popular version 7 software. January 14, 2020 will officially mark Windows 7 End of Life. Many companies have used Windows 7 since it launched in 2009 and are still actively using it today.

Are You at Risk?

We’ve talked about some of the more common threats that all businesses need to be careful of, but how dangerous is the web and how much of a risk is the current landscape?

Today we'll talk about a few of the most widespread threats that need your attention.

Top Tech Accessories To Make Your Life Easier

The best gadgets help us navigate our lives with ease, making particular processes that much more hassle-free. With technology, it’s often the little things that make all the difference in the world. Take AUKEY’s car phone mount, for instance. At only $7.99 on Amazon, there’s no reason you should be fumbling with your iPhone while you’re using Google Maps on a road trip.

Hootsuite, Buffer…or both?

Keeping in touch with new and current customers via social media can suck up your time. Social media apps Buffer and Hootsuite both aim to help you achieve more impact in less time. So which one is right for you?

While Hootsuite offers a full-featured social media dashboard, Buffer focuses simply on prescheduling your content.

Pick-Up Lines Are Important for Business

In the world of dating, a successful “pickup line” can make or break any chance of getting to strike up a conversation with someone you would like to meet. Below are a few examples of what some people thought were great "pickup lines."

“I'm not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.