Adequacy Is Unacceptable

Recently, while working on a program for a company that has been in business for over 64 years, I came across a particularly compelling value statement: “In the pursuit of excellence, adequacy is unacceptable.” It’s stuck with me since then as a perfect encapsulation of forward-thinking business philosophy.

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: Building A Smarter Shower

The cutting-edge U by Moen Smart Shower is looking to revolutionize your shower experience. With digital valves and a corresponding controller, the U by Moen can make any shower a lot smarter.

After users install the digital valves and controller — a task that takes a few tools and a little bit of handiwork — the U by Moen allows them to sync their showers with their smartphone.

What Will You Do When This Disaster Hits Your Business?


In today’ s world of rampant cybercrime, every savvy business owner knows the necessity of locking down their data. However, we find that the cyber security technologies used by the vast majority of businesses are woefully out of date.

This Genius Debit Card Lets Parents Control Their Teenagers’ Spending

If you feel like your teen views you as a walking ATM machine, startup company Current might be able to help.  Their new app — also called Current — allows you to track and control your teen’s spending through the company’s debit card. Current offers a series of robust services designed to teach your child financial responsibility while still letting them have some say over how and when they spend their money.

How a University Campus Is Using This New Technology to Keep Its Students Safe

Remember when you got locked out of your dorm building back in college and had to wait for someone to go in or out?  Those days may be gone, if new technology out of China has anything to say about it. Dorms at Beijing Normal University are being fitted with face recognition software, which will let residents in — and keep intruders and other unwanted people out.

Shiny New Gadget Of The Month: The Feeder of the Future

Petnet is looking to upgrade pet care with their new automated SmartFeeder, targeted toward pet owners who frequently travel or those with packed, variable schedules.

After you install the SmartFeeder app on your phone, it’ll ask a few questions to get to know your animal, including their age, weight, activity level, and food type.