Is Your Information on the Dark Web?

Would it surprise you to find one or more of your passwords is up for sale on the Dark Web?

Satisfy your curiosity and browse to and enter an e-mail address you frequently use to log onto websites. There is a surprisingly good chance your credentials have already been stolen as part of a data breach from some popular sites such as LinkedIn, DropBox, and many others. Almost all of the addresses I have checked show they have been involved in a breach in the past.

If you discover your credentials and personal information have been involved in a breach, you should change your passwords right away. However, no matter what you find with this one-time scan, its becoming increasingly important to monitor the dark web for stolen credentials and personal information for you, your business, and your employees.

Did you know that Dark Web monitoring is one of several new tools we are providing our clients with our Advanced Security services? In the past, it was enough to have a good firewall, AntiVirus, and Windows security updates. But that’s not true anymore. Cyber-criminals are using advanced tools to hack into systems, and every business network, including yours, should be protected with advanced security technology as well.

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- Jack Marder