How Much Has Technology Changed In The Last 9 Years?

Technology changes faster and faster than ever. Consider how much technology has changed since this time in 2005, just a few short years ago…
Can You Believe That These Technologies didn’t Even Exist in 2005?

We lived in a world without smartphones, tablets, e-readers, Facebook, in-home WiFi and Netflix. What did we do with all of that extra free time!

  • E-readers such as the Kindle and Nook did not exist yet and now 40% of consumers own at least one.
  • Smartphones did not exist. Now 62% of consumers have one.
  • Tablets/iPads were nonexistent. Now over 40% of consumers own one.
  • Netflix was merely a service to order DVDs in the mail.
  • We were still connected to a wall since in-home WiFi had yet to arrive.
  • Facebook was a small social networking service on the campus of Harvard.

Dying Technology

In 2005, most consumers owned VCRs and mobile phones. How much longer will it be before we only see these items in a museum?

Are These Technologies Here For The Long Haul?

Even with all of the technological advancements, the possession of many of these electronic devices has hardly changed:

  • Cable TV – Even with streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and many other apps, the percentage of consumers with cable TV has remained exactly the same (68%).
  • DVD/Blu-ray Players – Ownership down only 3% over the last 9 years.
  • Desktop Computers – Down only 8% (interestingly, the ownership of laptop computers has more than doubled during this period).

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