The Lighter Side: Trivial Tech Notes Did You Know?     

  • The technology contained in a single Game Boy unit in 2000 exceeded all the computer power that was used to put the first man on the moon in 1969.
  • Hackers in 1999 discovered a flaw that allowed logging in to any Hotmail account with the password “eh.”
  • A man patented something eerily similar to an iPod in 1979!
  • The power source for NASA’s Curiosity rover barely outputs enough energy to power a ceiling fan!
  • Google has bought an average of one company per week since 2010
  • Smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty.
  • The Recording Industry Association of America tried to outlaw MP3 players in 1998!
  • MIT has built a robot that can assemble IKEA furniture on its own!
  • There is a $300,000 watch that doesn’t tell time!
  • Scientists are working on technology that would allow the road to charge electric cars as they drive on it!
  • The Department of Defense used 1,760 PlayStation 3’s to build a supercomputer because it was the cheapest option!
  • The default Windows XP desktop is a real picture of a real location with no digital enchantments. The background is called “Bliss” – a green meadow with a blue sky above it, seen above.

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