Where Have Tablet Sales Gone?

Remember when they said tablets would outsell desktop and laptop computers?  That now seems a tad optimistic.  In March, Techcrunch.com reported that tablet sales are going down.  But why?  It turns out that folks treat tablets like computers — meaning they don’t upgrade them nearly as often as smartphones.  “The iPad 2 is still in use today,” IDC Senior Analyst Jitesh Ubrani tells TechCrunch.  “The original iPad Minis and Air are all still in use today.  They were being supported by Apple until very recently.  People have been hanging onto these devices and they’re finding that they work just as well as they did when they were released.”  That’s bad news for the tablet giants, who are still releasing new versions of tablets at least once a year.  In the future, don’t expect big releases or online unveilings for slates.  Techcrunch.com March 21, 2017