Zultys MXIE Training

Learn how to get the most of your Zulty's PBX.

Several clients have requested additional information regarding the use of thier new VoIP phones and the MXIE application. Zultys does not have a published MXIE user guide, however, we have been able to locate several short but very informative, training videos which we think would be helpful for you as you learn to use the new phone system. These video were created by a Zultys partner in Utah and published for free viewing on You-Tube. You will find a link to each of the five training sections below.

I would encourage each of you to take time to view these videos to help you to quickly come up to speed with the MXIE application. I would also encourage you to have MXIE installed and open on your desktop as you watch the videos so you can pause while you are watching and explore each of the options in your own MXIE.

Please be aware that these video's were created by Intellisys which is a Zulty's Dealer in Utah. Big thanks to them for providing these on You-Tube.

You-Tube MXIE Training Videos:

  • Section 1: This Section covers first time setup, binding of your phone, Presence status, Presence Note, Buddies List, Answering Calls , Transfer, Park, Hold, Instant Message, & Fax
  • Section 2: This is the second section to the Advanced MXIE Training and covers Transferring calls Internal and External, Conferencing, messages and more
  • Section 3: This sections describes MXIE functions: Conference Center, Instant Messaging, Roles, and User Preferences
  • Section 4: Zultys MXIE training on: Call Handling rules, Call Log, Notifications (voice mail & Fax to email) Presence and Presence Toolbar
  • Section 5: Zultys Training: Finish User Preferences, Soft phone settings

You-Tube Phone Training Videos:

We do not sell or manage the Polycom phones, but we do have clients that use them If you are using a Polycom phone instead of the Zulty's Phones Feel free to look at the following Video.

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