Free Cyber-Security Audit
Will Reveal Where Your Computer Network
Is Exposed And How To Protect Your Company NOW

If you want to know for SURE that your current IT company (or IT person) is truly doing everything they can to secure your network and protect you from ransomware, bank fraud, stolen data and all the other threats, problems and costs that come with a data breach, then you need to call us for a FREE Security And Backup Audit.

At no cost or obligation, we’ll send one of our senior, certified technicians to your office to conduct a free Security And Backup Audit of your company’s overall network health to review and validate as many as 47 different data-loss and security loopholes, including small-print weasel clauses used by all third-party cloud vendors, giving them zero responsibility or liability for backing up and securing your data. We’ll also look for common places where security and backup get overlooked, such as mobile devices, laptops, tablets and home PCs.

At the end of this free audit, you’ll know...

  • Is your network really and truly secured against the most devious cybercriminals? And if not, what do you need to do (at a minimum) to protect yourself now?
  • Is your data backup TRULY backing up ALL the important files and data you would never want to lose – and just as important, how FAST could you get your IT systems back online if hit with ransomware? We’ll reveal how long it could take to restore your files (most people are shocked to learn it will take much longer than they anticipated).
  • Are your employees able to freely using the Internet to access gambling sites and porn, to look for other jobs and waste time shopping, or to check personal e-mail and social media sites? Can they download illegal files (music and video) and expose you, as happened with LabMD?
  • Are you accidentally violating any PCI, HIPAA or other data-privacy laws? New laws are being put in place frequently, and it’s easy to violate one without even being aware; however, you’d still have to suffer the bad PR and fines if a breach happens and the investigation reveals YOU didn’t take necessary precautions – and ignorance is not an acceptable excuse that will get you out of a lawsuit.
  • Is your firewall and antivirus configured properly and up-to-date? No security device is “set it and forget it.” It needs to be constantly monitored and updated – is yours? Is your IT company giving you the assurances that it is?
  • Are your employees storing confidential and important information on unprotected cloud apps like Dropbox that are OUTSIDE of your backup? Could they walk off the job with a list of all your clients and go work for a competitor?

It’s natural to want to think, “We’ve got it covered.” Yet we can practically guarantee our team will find one or more ways your business is at serious risk for hacker attacks, data loss and extended downtime.

Even if you have a trusted IT person or company who put your current network in place, it never hurts to get a third party to validate nothing was overlooked. We have no one to protect and no reason to conceal or gloss over anything we find. If you want the straight truth, we’ll report it to you.

You Are Under No Obligation To Do Or Buy Anything

We want to be very clear that there are no expectations on our part for you to do or buy anything when you take us up on our Free Security And Backup Audit. Whether or not we’re a right fit for you remains to be seen. If we are, we’ll welcome the opportunity. But if not, we’re still more than happy to give this free service to you.

You’ve spent a lifetime working hard to get where you are. You earned every penny and every client. Why risk losing it all? Get the facts and be certain your business, your reputation and your data are protected.

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