Internet Vigilance Internet Vigilance

  Internet Vigilance  Internet Vigilance

Despite constant development in security and stability, the Internet still remains very much a Wild West landscape.  You can navigate through it, but you never know when you might encounter a hidden danger.  Threats exist on a global scale.

Cybercriminals want information.  They don’t care whose information they access and steal, or what damage they do.  They want to take what they can get and they want to sell it.  There are people who do this for a living.  This morning, in the period of one minute, there were hundreds of cyber-attacks originating in China, targeting the United States.

What can you do?    Stay vigilant!

  • Visit web sites you know and trust: This is the simplest and most effective way to keep safe.
  • Keep your web browser and computers up-to-date with the latest patches and security updates: While computers on our NetGuard maintenance plan are kept up-to-date automatically, you still need to keep an eye on updates for your home computer(s).  Don’t ignore these updates!
  • Only enter personal information or credit card information on secure sites that you know and trust: Look at the address bar.  If you see “https” you are on a secure web page.  If you only see “http” you are not on a secure web page.
  • Make web sites you visit more secure: Browser extensions, such as HTTPS Everywhere, help make web browsing more secure. HTTPS Everywhere takes standard “http” web pages and secures them with “https” by automatically directing you to the secure version of the site.  It’s not compatible with every web page, but it goes a long way for protecting you.